We’re the October Residents for triple j Mix Up EXCLUSIVES!

October 2nd, 2012 — 4:26pm

For those of you who have no idea what that means, it means:

“Whoa, hell must be freezing over, 4 mixtapes from Flight Facilities in a month!?”

Now prepare yourselves because this is going to be a long post.

If you’re not the reading type, just back out now. We won’t be offended. However if you appreciate music, history and music history you may want to read this.


So back in about late April/early May, we agreed to be the triple j Mix Up EXCLUSIVES residents. We were offered September or October.

We chose October, knowing the more time we had, the better. “Why?” We definitely didn’t hear you ask. Well we’ll tell you why!


triple j required 4 mixes. Each 1 hour long.

We figured we could have put together 4 mixes of music we loved, but by the fourth one, we’d be scraping the barrel.

We’re pretty picky about which music we use, hence why we only do 1 or 2 tapes a year… so doing 4 mixes in one month had to be special.


We decided to make things as hard as we could for ourselves while adding some novelty to the project. We had such a good response to our Paris Social Club 70s set and chose to follow that lead.


So here it is:

4 mixes, 4 decades of music, in the order in which it came out.

Each set represents the music of 10 years and moves chronologically through time.

The first mix is 1972 – 1982.

The second, 1982 – 1992

Third, 1992 – 2002

And lastly, 2002 – 2012



What sort of research did this require? Well, firstly it demanded the reading of 30 years worth of music charts. Cross referencing 3 different charts (100 songs in each chart – 300 songs per year – 9000 song names in total) with Wikipedia release dates. We also read Wikipedia Music pages for individual years, singles and looked at YouTube compilations too. We also checked the dates on old songs we loved that sat in our iTunes.


Charts Searching

Wikipedia Singles

Wikipedia Music for specific years

iTunes Sorting



The 2002 – 2012 mix required a flick through the old record collection, checking the dates on the records, a cross reference with discogs, a LONG browse through iTunes and a dusting of our greatest dance floor memories both in front of, and behind the decks.




Sorting Process


Discogs Searching



We also decided “Hey, let’s make this even harder than it needs to be”, so we read through 40 years of Wikipedia and found the major events in history. Things like the Nixon Watergate scandal in the 70′s, the toppling of the Berlin wall in the 80′s, the end of apartheid in Africa in the 90′s, the capture and conviction of Saddam Hussein in the 00′s and A LOT more.


Wikipedia Major Events of Each Year



Once we had these major events, we copied them into text documents along with YouTube URLs that correlated to these major events. We’re not kidding when we tell you that the image below is a screen shot of the actual documents with tracklistings, options, URLs, time markers and alternatives for videos.




We then recorded the snippets of audio from the YouTube videos into Garageband (and yes, we know you can just download the audio but we were ripping from videos that were sometimes an hour or more long). We have watched literally days worth of historical YouTube footage.

YouTube audio samples

Garageband Samples



Once we bounced it from there, we sat the audio in the project on top of songs that were in the music charts at that particular point in history.




Basically, you can hear what people were listening to when the major events of  the world occurred. Alongside all these tunes are some exclusive modern day edits from the likes of Tim Fuchs, Rocco Raimundo. Some exclusive edits from us (plus even a few bootlegs), and of course, just to keep those old mixes a little bit modern, a bunch of classic edits from greats like Todd Terje, The Revenge, In Flagranti and more.


We had no idea how long and complicated an idea this would be. In fact, we’d go as far as to say it was a terrible idea to undertake given the unexpected level of research that was required (unbeknownst to us at the time).

We weren’t overly strict about the release dates of the music. Most of the songs are done in 1 year blocks (a song released in January 1986 may appear after a song in December 1986 – so sue us!).  We’re sure a couple of you higher-brow-than-thou listeners will be able to catch us out on a few occasions. We were off by about a year on one or two tracks every now and then (usually depending on release date vs. charting date vs. album release). You’ll have to forgive us for those indiscrepancies. But matching the tempo as well as the history was a link that one would usually never, logically, have to establish while doing a freakin’ mixtape. Anyway, there you have it. That’s what we’ve been working on since May as well as several other singles, remixes and tours.


Prepare yourselves triple j listeners, and of course listeners of the world. We’re taking you on a musical history lesson of the last 40 years.

Each mix will air on Saturday nights throughout October, at 9pm Sydney, Australia time. So bust out those world clocks everybody, because you can listen to them live online right here:



New York: 7am Saturday Morning
Los Angeles: 4am Saturday Morning :-/
London: 12 Midday Saturday
Paris: 1pm Saturday

(we’ll be posting facebook and twitter updates close to airing times to give everyone a chance to tune in)


NOTE: We’ll be posting these mixes to our Soundcloud for free download eventually but not until triple j’s approval in, at earliest, November. We’re very excited to share them with you – but for now, stream them from the triple j website :)

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141 Responses to “We’re the October Residents for triple j Mix Up EXCLUSIVES!”

  1. Jose Hosiasson (From Chile)

    I just read this… And all I have to add is: Respect.

    Lookin forward for those mixtapes…

  2. Ryan

    This sounds awesome. Will these be available online for those of not awake at 8am on a Saturday here in NYC?

  3. Steve Aoki

    Hugo has nice hair.

  4. Steven (from Melbourne)

    Wow, this sounds amazing! Can’t wait to hear the results of all this hard work, am sure it’s gonna pay off. Thanks in advance guys!

  5. Christophe_R

    Looking forward. TJ’s mix are worthy.

  6. Ivan

    I second Ryan. Hope these are getting recorded and will be posted up somewhere later. Waking up every Fri. at 7am/8am may not be a possibility for me.

  7. admin

    They will eventually be on our soundcloud. But because they’re exclusive, they won’t for a little while.

  8. Cathie

    Just listened to the first one.. it was truly amazing! I’m SOO looking forward to the next three.. fantastic! :D

  9. Trish

    Really enjoyed the first mix
    I am 48 so knew most of the songs from their first airing . I was able to teach my kids the bump !

  10. Alex

    Just heard the first mix, very impressive!!!

  11. Dawn

    Really wanna buy the ’72-’82 mix up – have listened about 10 times already!

  12. admin

    Hey Trish, we can’t wait to hear how you feel about all four mixes. We made it with people who have lived these years in mind. We hope we do the past some justice :)

  13. Katherine

    You guys have somehow gained even more respect from me than before. I will be hailing on my knees at your Toronto show chanting ‘We are not worthy!’.

    I appreciate all the work you put into the triplej mixes. So thank you.

  14. Hayley

    Amazing!!! Just listened to the second mix. Where can I buy it.?Loved it!

  15. Brice

    hey there @ triple J

    I just listen to one of the mixes and almost drowned, (I am in the tub) now our badroom is under water (an my wife is going to k… me)
    I`m turning 50 in a few month and was a very sucessfull pro DJ for 11 year
    I was playing most of the track in this impresive mashup and I have to be honest I realy had some tears in my eye and was “dancing” most of the time (know you know why our bad room is under water)
    we allso use to have a studio in ohr basemend so I know what work got into tbose mixes
    and peace to all music loving people
    Music the only neutral language
    keep it rocking, looking forwards to hear more
    Sheers from cold Germany
    Brice AKA DJ Dr. Frenchy

  16. sheep

    i’m getting married next year and would love to play these mixes at our wedding to bring all ages on the floor! What a wedding it would be! Can they be ripped off soundcloud or will you be making them purchasable???

  17. Jodie

    Ahhh! Was driving home from work, drove straight passed my house just so I could hear this remix. I have to have all of this music, where can I get it?????? Best mixed tape ever.

  18. admin

    FLIGHT FACILITIES: Hey everyone, we’re going to make these mixes available for download on Soundcloud as soon as we can. We have to wait til we get triple j’s approval after October. We really appreciate all your feedback. It’s so nice to know that we’ve managed to capture some important moments in your musical lives. We hope you all enjoy a little hip hop in the 92-02 mix next week :)

  19. Dave

    Forest (my four year old boy) and I were soul training last sunday morning, this sunday not so much, but wait, itha jacko, new order…..mmm, we boys better get out of the corner and join the girls around the handbag. This old dog is loving these mixes, and yes guys, this is how you do put a mixed tape together – it has to be themed – loving the news clips, I did similar reading bits of 50 shades of between tracks at a 40th. Who was that guys that came on stage and did a reading and then left? party on.

  20. Ethan

    FF you basically opened up a wormhole and I got sucked into my Vice City game and can’t get out!

  21. Deema

    You guys are nuts therefore you must come to england!

  22. tommy

    Hi Guys,
    that mix tonight on the radio is the best ever in this town and far more. Bomb. Can I buy Cd ? Any price. Name it. :)
    Or for exchange for the music on cd i give you for one night free of charge venue at The Kross. You can trow a party. Let me know if you like the idea.
    Thank you for the music tonight. Made my day

  23. Liquid

    After listening to these on Triple J all I can say is Thank You. They’re freaking awesome!

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  25. D

    Guys.. These mixes were absolutely incredible. The amount of effort gone in to the mixes is apparent and seeing this blog post shows how much time and effort went in to producing the mixes.

    You should be very proud of your art.

    Looking forward to grabbing a copy from soundcloud when they are available.

  26. Hogan8r

    Well its November and I’m dying to hear these mixes. Couldn’t wake up at 7 am on a weekend b/c I drink too much. Tell Triple J to stop delaying my future flights!

  27. Josh

    Probably the best mix I have ever heard!! Can someone post me a link to where I can listen to it??

    Awesome mix!

  28. Kate McGrath

    I echo the sentiments of many, this was an absolutely awesome mix – any way I can get a copy of this, it was amazing!!!

  29. Richie P

    Have we got a link yet? Listened to one of them on my way to work one night and sat in my car until it was over!

    If they’re available can someone please post a link here?

  30. Kimbojax

    I checked Sound Cloud and Triple J and still can’t see where they are available. Anyone have any ideas?

  31. Zach

    I neeeeeeed a link to your mixes? I heard it on the radio shortly but wasn’t able to listen to all of them… really want to listen again… amazing stuff!

  32. Celo_Fan

    Impresive, and looking for see the final result!

  33. Celo_Fan

    By the way, when the mixes will be available (paying or free, don´t care) Thanks!

  34. Luke

    Hey FF, I am trying to write my Christmas wish list… And really would like to put these mixes as number one on my list? When will they be available? Looking forward to seeing you live in the New Year! Keep up the amazing music!

  35. admin

    Make it a new years wish and it’ll come true. First week of January :)

  36. Ashleigh

    So excited Nina just played you 72-82 Mix and it was soooooo good hoping the mix comes up on soundcloud next year like you said so i can play it at my wedding. I’m having a 3 day wedstival and that mix would be the most amazing set to play at it woot!!!!!!

  37. roberta

    any idea if they are on sound cloud? tried to do a search but don’t know what the mix up is actually called…

  38. James

    I wish I may I wish I might listen to the 80s mix sometime in the new year… that didn’t rhyme. oh well.

  39. Sarah

    I’ve spent the better part of today trying to re-listen to the mash up from triple j last night…..And the other three I have not yet heard! Where can I stream your decade mix tapes from? You may just be my new faves. You pretty much had every single beloved song from that decade in the mash up last night. Loved loved loved it!

  40. Firstweekofjan!?

    Is there a way I can set up some sort of notification for when it comes out?

  41. admin

    You can follow us on Soundcloud if you like? Otherwise just like our facebook page and you’ll know as soon as it goes online there too. We’ll be putting up one a month for 4 months. Plus some other treats from the mixes in between.

  42. Christa

    Your 72 to 82 mixup on Triple J was pure gold. It was dripping with funk and deep grooves. Loved it! Couldn’t stop dancing!

    When will it be available to download? :)

  43. Henrinyc

    mm… first week of January!!

  44. Dadoo

    1st week of January gone! At least here in Europe :) Woo Hooo!
    DYING to hear your decades’ mix on Soundcloud mmmmm all wet :)

  45. damian

    are your triple j mixups available yet ?

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  49. Cupcake Project

    You guys are the BEST !

  50. Mashups. - Page 2

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  52. Dj Manatee'

    RESPECT for what you are doing, our children will thank you as I do myself. THIS is work.


  53. Impressive Flight Facilities Mixtapes For triple j | Magnetic Magazine

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  54. Steve


    The first mix is available here: https://soundcloud.com/flightfacilities/flight-facilities-for-triple-j

    I cant wait for the rest of them, the first is on repeat currently :)

  55. Flight Facilities' Triple J 'Decade Mix' 1972 - 1982 | Newestra™

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  56. Stu

    These look great, cheers.

    Is the fourth mix the one that was played on New Years Eve 2012/13 on Triple J? If so, great, if not can you guys put that up on Soundcloud, or know where we can get it?

  57. Flight Facilities for ‘triple j Mix Up Exclusives’: 1972-1982 | SlothBoogie

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  58. GenErik

    Can’t wait for the next mixes. We ran 1972-1982 twice and then the 70s Paris set during our pool party yesterday. So much success!

  59. ILoveLazers

    I am listening to the first one right now. This is seriously one of the most impressive mix tapes I have ever heard. Major kudos to you guys.

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  67. Hi man

    82 – 92 mix up pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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  71. Jorge Rocha Netto

    This is beautiful!

    Great work, FF!

  72. Robin Dhaene

    Most entertaining educational mix I have ever heard! It is like i have been searching for a style of music mix my whole life, now i dont have to search anymore. I am dying to hear the other three! So get m into soundcloud!

    Thank you flight facilities!

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  83. Pavel StChez

    Amazing Work Guys

  84. nick

    The amount of work that went into this is nothing short of amazing. This is a little happiness bomb that needs to explode all over the world! Thanks for making the work day a little brighter. Much love!


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  87. LeBant

    Tremendous effort and superb too!

    Congrats for such wonderful summaries and thank you!!!!

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  89. James

    Hi guys,
    I am in awe. The mixes themselves are smart, unexpected and quite a bit brilliant. But the work you’ve put into putting it all together also comes through and makes them quite special. The 1982-1992 mix is my favourite at the moment. I was a kid during the 80s and you seem to have picked up the music and feeling of that decade perfectly. Plus that mix of Janet Jackson, RIck Astley, Madonna – brilliant. I love your work and these mixes are just awesome. Quite simply ace!

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  93. guibreda

    Fan of you guys for a while, and now even more, by a mile!
    Great job, inspired selection, awesome mixtapes!Congrats!
    Waiting anxiously for the 4th!

  94. Boghosian

    Just finished listening to the first three! You guys are completely sick and you are amazing too! Thank you very much for the musical pleasure and for all the effort you put into this…I take days doing one simple mix myself and I can imagine all this work you went through. But I’ve been reading the responses and I guess it makes everything worthwhile, to see the reaction you cause on people. Respect

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  100. Barry

    Sometimes I lie in bed with my eyes closed and listen to Clair De Lune on repeat, wondering if my dreams will ever become reality.

    Sometimes I play these mixes while I’m working and close my eyes, and am transported into the decades. And I regain faith.

    Your music and mixes have truly had a positive impact on my life, and gotten me through some shitty times. Thank you.

  101. admin

    Thanks so much for the kind comment Barry :) It really does make a difference to us too, knowing that others are enjoying our work

  102. Jordan

    Hi there,

    When is the fourth mix available, or if it is available, where can it be found?

    I can’t seem to see it on soundcloud.

    Kind Regards,


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  104. Isaac

    I didn’t get a chance to download the 1972-1982 mix, could you hook me up or give me a working link?

  105. Til

    I just found out about your Decade Mixes and I love them! Unfortunately the 1972-1982 mix isn’t available on soundcloud anymore :( Is there any way I can still get to download it?

  106. Gary

    for some reason your first mixtape is no longer up on soundcloud. :(

  107. Barry

    @FF ha i was really stoned /stressed when i wrote that before the show, lol…nice chatting with you guys at Lure…good time, hope our paths cross again at some point !

  108. Barry

    ps https://soundcloud.com/empt/empt-presents-wet-dreams-1-by

    ^i think you will really like this mix while kicking back on tour…its all about ambience/relaxation…put a lota effort into it

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  119. Teshke

    You are the greatest. Respect.

  120. Kippo

    Firstly, hat’s off to you, these are awesome, well done.

    But what has happened to the 72-82 mix, this seems to have vanished off soundcloud?

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  123. Véronique

    Ces mix sont vraiment É-NOR-ME !
    Je les écoute en boucle ;D

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